Album containing 10 gelatine and analogue prints with mounts
Original edition: numbered and signed 3 copies + 2 A.P., 28,80 x 24,40 cm Paris, 2018

Photographs: Joël Alain Dervaux 
Printing: Fred Goyeau Photography
Graphic conception: Marine Bigourie
Design and binding: Laurel Parker Book

Joël Alain Dervaux - Dervaux_allongés_01.jpg - 1
Joël Alain Dervaux - Dervaux_allongés_02.jpg - 2
Joël Alain Dervaux - Dervaux_allongés_03.jpg - 3
Joël Alain Dervaux - Dervaux_allongés_04.jpg - 4
Joël Alain Dervaux - Dervaux_allongés_05.jpg - 5
Joël Alain Dervaux - Dervaux_allongés_06.jpg - 6

The Allongés series gathers the staging of still bodies lying down, opening up a field of subjective perception, a repository for fantasies, a projection of the self. 

The entire series is made up of ten photographs which, beyond their large-format individual existence, are also presented in the deliberate and tangible form of an Album, an intimate object one usually consults to review moments in life, where photographs are the medium for a constantly renewed reading.

Thus, the Album des Allongés proposes ten prints in square format, organised according to an order ruled by their level of tension and ambivalence. Drawn over a double page, each image opens up the perception field of a narrative, kindle a before and an after. The close-up on characters lying down forces “watchers” to draw elements necessary for a sensitive and personal reading of images within themselves.

The Album des Allongés enables a gradual experience of the fictional and dramatic power of these staged photographs.