Joël Alain Dervaux - Contact

Artist, lives and works in Paris.

I favour the traditional use of film, luminous prints over a sensitive surface in my photographic work. 

Portraits imposed themselves right from the start. Some of the first faces I took close-ups of remained like references in artistic questioning -Trois images de Dimitri-

But a plan to meet Others came much later, after I engaged in psychoanalysis. Men and women come over and undress themselves within a limited and permanent space to leave a bodily mark, to run the risk to reveal their interiority and bare the mark of desire to my glance -Improvisations-

Simultaneously, I realised staging to open up a field of subjective perception, a fantasy recipient and a projection of the self -Allongés-.

Taking the Improvisations a step further, some encounters led to a place beyond the initial process and to question intimate memories -Récit-, -Kler, states of presence-.

Recently, I staged situations of affective shifts in the shape of photo-stories from the pages of an outdated diary -Four sequences-.

All the work presented on this website has been done using the silver photography process.